Emergency Power Supply

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Emergency Power Supply

CASE STUDY - Avocet Trust


Avocet Trust is a charity which owns over 40 houses in and around the Hull area providing homes and support for vulnerable adults with varying needs including learning disabilities and some related physical disabilities.

However, one of these homes is situated in an isolated rural area and, although there was an electrical substation nearby, the home experienced regular power cuts on average about twice a week which was extremely disturbing to both residents and the staff that care for them.

Initially it was thought that the cause of the power cuts was down to excessive usage  but this turned out not to be the case. Avocet’s maintenance team scratched their heads to find a cause and, after trying a number of different none of which seemed to cure the problem , resigned themselves to the situation.

Then in December 2012, Mark Rogers, one of Avocet’s administrators attended a care home suppliers conference where he happened to see a demonstration of  BlackCurrent, a new emergency power back up system that was being launched to the care home industry.   This was a light bulb moment for Mark who realised that this could be the solution to the problem of the multi power cuts  the home was experiencing.

He explained his problem to Lancashire businessman and battery expert Mark Rigby, whose company UK Powertech Ltd developed the BlackCurrent and asked if this could answer the Avocet’s problem.

Mark Rigby explained,

“ The BlackCurrent units are designed for emergency power

storage to be used to maintain operation of critical services

during a power cut. These units can either be plug and play

to back up either individual or multiple pieces of equipment

or they can be hard wired into an electrical system to create

an emergency power supply.The larger the unit the more

equipment it can operate at higher power levels.  We suggested

that our BlackCurrent 600 would be ideal for the needs of the

home to keep basic functions such as lighting and heating

controls which were his main concern so we arranged for a site

visit to assess where to install the unit. ”

Following a site visit it was agreed that the BlackCurrent 600, hard wired into the mains, would be the ideal solution for Avocet’s needs and Abbey Electrical Services (Hull) were briefed to carry out the work.

“This was a simple and very easy job.   We removed the circuits from the main electrical distribution point and fitted their own separate control unit.  This consumer unit was then connected directly to the BlackCurrent which in turn was connected to the mains circuit", explained Chris McConaghy from Abbey Electrical Services. "It was a relatively simple job that took around 3-4 hours to create the new circuit".

Under normal mains supply the circuits are fed directly from the mains, but in the event of a power failure the BlackCurrent automatically detects the failure and seamlessly supplies maintains the power supply without disruption to the lighting or heating.

“Since we installed the BlackCurrent it’s made our residents and our staff feel far more secure knowing that we now have the power back-up to keep everyone safe and comfortable" commented Mark Rogers,  "It’s a great relief for everyone involved and we believe that all care homes should fitted with a BlackCurrent as standard,”

Editors Note:

There are three sizes of BlackCurrent units -- 300, 600 or 2000 - and each of these can be either plugged into a socket or hardwired to the mains where they draw electricity that is stored in gel batteries until such time as power cut occur.   When  hard wired into the mains it will seamlessly take over the electrical load which, of course, will depend on the size of the unit -- for example the 300 will run lights, a TV and the electrical components of a gas central heating boiler for up to about 2 hours which is the average length of a power cut.  The larger size will be able to handle bigger equipment depending on the power load.

For care homes where continuous power for medical equipment can be critical the BlackCurrent 300 plug and play unit is ideal -- it’s portable and can be wheeled to where it’s needed which is ideal for bedside use.

The BlackCurrent is a flexible, adaptable and vital piece of equipment for homes, offices, retailers, catering establishments and medical use to ensure that energy is available continuously.